decorating cakes is
a passion of mine, I think baking must be in my blood
©Photography by Sim
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My Grandmother was a professional cook when she was a young lady and waitressed in central London in the early 1930's, working for 'Jo Lyons & Co' in their famous Corner House establishments. They were known as 'nippies' and they became London icons in their smart black and white uniforms. It conjures up for me, wonderful images of 'taking tea and cake', the things that I love best in life and my Grandmother loved equally.

Together with a successful background in graphic design and my passion for baking and sugarcraft, I have merged my creativity to make uniquely special and individual cakes. From brandied fruit through to light sponge and rich chocolate cakes, I work with only quality ingredients.

I make cakes that must be delicious and finished with ultimate care and attention to detail. After all a special cake will be remembered for a lifetime!

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